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Carrie and Rev. Canon Hellen Oneka, New Life seminar in Kampala, Uganda

The Bible presents us with a three-part story of human relationship with God and with each other. In the beginning, human beings were created as male and female in the image of God to fulfill an ideal – a one flesh, naked and unashamed relationship that was the crowning act of Creation. The second part of the story traces our rejection of the life of faith. This fall from grace brought division among God’s creation, a striving for power over each other, and the loss of the fearless love for which God created us.  The final chapter of this story, however, finds us redeemed – brought back by Christ from the bondage of the fallen world.

The New Man, New Woman, New Life seminar shows how redemption not only restores each one of us to wholeness with God, but brings us back to the creation ideal of unity and equality with one another.

This is the “first-world” version of Empower’s seminar taught throughout Africa and Haiti. Carrie’s stories of her  experiences there will add depth to your understanding of both the Bible and marriage.

Carrie preaching in Mbarara, Uganda


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