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The world today is saturated with competing answers to dilemmas of love, sex, gender, marriage, and family. Increasingly, the answer seems to be that people just don’t need each other anymore — so if a relationship gets to be a bother, why bother with it? Learn about the reasons for  these modern difficulties, and the surprisingly modern biblical answers to them.  If you are single yourself, parenting or pastoring  teens or young adults, you need this workshop.


2 thoughts on “Love in an Age of Wealth: Understanding the forces destroying the American family

  1. Hi Miles, I am from Kenya. A PhD. student at the Africa International University in Nairobi. I am also a pastor. I am doing my desertification on Gender Relations in African Urban Pentecostalism and I thought you could be of great help to me. Can you be willing to offer me advice on the topic.


    • Hello Michael. I just found your message, 3 years after you posted it. Obviously I should pay more attention to my website. I was visiting at AIU last January, and will probably be there Feb 2016. You probably finished your degree long ago but if I can be of help to you at this point, please write back.


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