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The Redemption of Love: Rescuing Marriage and Sexuality from the Economics of the Fallen World (Grand Rapids, MI: Brazos Press, 2006)

Competing answers to dilemmas involving love, sex, marriage, and family scream to us from nearly everywhere. The Redemption of Love reveals what the Bible has to say about these issues by applying the growing economic study of religion.

Citing Genesis, Jesus, Paul, and the Song of Songs, Carrie Miles outlines a consistent description of biblical love throughout Scripture, asserting that it is the only effective solution in today’s battle to save marriage and family. This book is a valuable tool for clergy and laypeople.

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Reviews and endorsements

New Man, New Woman, New Life  The ‘Western’ version of the study guide used in Africa! Download for free or contact us at to purchase a copy ($5 plus shipping).


New Man New Woman African edition 2011 The Bible study guide used in Africa. Please contact us or go to www.EmpowerInternational org for the guide in Swahili and Kirundi.



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