Dearest Dr.Carrie Miles and Empower Family,

Lovely greetings in the Name of our King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ.We want to wish you a powerful celebration as we celebrate the risen Christ on Sunday Morning.This is to inform you that the New Man New Woman Seminar that we proposed to have the first week of this Month was not done due to the election we had the 4th March 2013 in Kenya.We changed it to be done this last week of this Month.We started the seminar yesterday (28-30)-03-2013.

We are speaking to 40 Families in Restoration Ministries Nambale.We are hosted with Bishop Andrew Simiyu the Senior Pastor of this Ministry.He is a wonderful man of God.We are on our second day of the seminar,the teachings have been longed for so long to reach these people.We were welcomed with a lot of anticipation,many brothers and sisters are receiving this teachings with a lot of supprise.They were taught that man and woman after sinning,God Cursed them.But they were supprised to hear that they were not cursed but instead the serpent was cursed.They only received the consequence of their desobedience.

They were also taught that women were not surposed to talk before men,they were to keep quite.They were surprised when we started discussing together and in the start they were shy,but at the end of the first day things started to change by God’s Power.Here in this region of Nambale,women are taught that they should not eat with men,they eat in their kitchen,they the women were supprised when we shared meals together as a family of God.We hope at the end of this seminar tomorrow things are going to be better and better for the glory of God.I will give a detailed information when the seminar ends tomorrow.

Thi is what happened on the last day of the seminar.The men promised to change not to use their wives as workers, but as Ezer Kenegdo.Women started feeling the Love of God through their husbands.Men and women started walking together with their wives and we thanked God for the reunion that we saw in this seminar.

Their was reconcilliation between the husband to their wives and a repentance in both parties.We thank God for what he is doing in this teachings and we thank you so much Dr.Carrie for releasing this revelation that God had given you in this book.God Bless Empower,God bless Dr.Carrie,and God bless all who lay their hands in supporting this noble Ministry.Prayerfully we are looking forward to see many families being renewed to the parten of God.

Thank you Dr. Carrie miles for supporting us to print study Manuals for New Man New Woman.You are the best.Without you we are lost.I thank Empower Family for their vivid prayers and support to us in this regard.May the Lord almighty bless you without end.

Please also pray for me for the Lord to use me in a mighty way as I share the revelation and truths in this book.

With best regards.EnAgape.

Yours in His Everlasting Love,