Bishop Barham University College has established a chapter of Empower. Below are the minutes from the second meeting of the executive community. We welcome them heartily!

The meeting opened with prayer led by Rev. Patrick Mbaasa who thanked God for this Ministry and asked God for guidance at the meeting.

Chairman Rev. Canon Jovahn Turyamureeba welcomed members to the meeting and informed them that this committee will be in charge of Empower BBUC chapter. He further noted that the need for the committee to run this program at BBUC arose after the intensive training in July 2012. And the Principal was requested to appoint this committee which he has done.

He outlined the committee’s responsibilities as:

  1. To promote the vision of Empower International Ministries at BBUC and beyond
  2. To organise and coordinate Empower activities at BBUC

He noted that the purpose of the meeting was to plan a way forward for the committee.

He thanked Miss Sadres Twinomugisha for the coordination so far being done and further thanked Pastor Frank Tweheyo the Director Empower Africa Programs for encouraging and supporting us to get focused and that the committee shall be involving him in its plans and programs.

He also appreciated Dr. Carrie Miles for extending her ministry to BBUC.

A letter from Dr. Carrie Miles was read to the members.

Pastor Frank Tweheyo conveyed greetings from Dr. Carrie Miles and the entire team and informed the committee that they were aware that this meeting was taking place.

He thanked the University for the warm welcome they have always accorded EIM teams. EIM appreciates participation of all the members’ commitment  to trainings and the resolve to have this committee.

He noted that the aim is to redeem the family and help direct the young people before they get into institution of marriage. He further noted that BBUC is going to be a model chapter.

He informed members that Burundi is excited about the starting of the BBUC chapter and would love to come and share with the team at BBUC. He further noted that BBUC chapter will be able to influence even beyond the college.

Matters arising from the communications

A member proposed that the communications be received for discussion and the motion was seconded.

Members noted that we need to be sensitized about the program before we can take it out. Also a need for incorporating the children/young people was expressed since the program focuses on family. We need to focus on the young people to deal with what they should expect as they plan to get into marriage.

Need to come up with topics to address these challenges in view of children/young people as they get into marriage and make good families.

Another member noted that most marriages these days are accidental and therefore the need to help young people plan and prepare for marriage. We need to encourage this training among the young people if we are to redeem marriage.

Members also noted that people do not know why they marry, and that children at an early marriage are already thinking about marriage yet they do not know what to expect.

Min 4/2012 Way forward

  1. Resume teachings of New Man New Woman New Life.
  2. Must address the topics on ground e.g Submissiveness in society, challenges of modern marriage, challenges of women’s emancipation. (Rev. Mbaasa to be incorporated on the team to do write up for training)
  3. Need to discuss the manual/workbook in the Wednesday staff fellowship to understand it better and also be able to give our input and over the missing links.
  4. Intensive training for the committee on New Man New Woman New life program-Date for this to be set at the next meeting.
  5. Training for students to begin the first Friday after graduation at BBUC-12th Oct. 2012 at .30pm.
  6. Committee to next meet on the 9th Oct. 2012 at 4pm.
  7. Need to open an accounting for the chapter’s operational costs  in Barclays Bank and the following members shall be the signatories
  • Rev. Canon Jovahn Turyamureeba- Chairman
  • Mrs. Dorothy Akandwanirira- Treasurer
  • Rev. Patrick Mbaasa- Secretary

8.  Need to make a budget and program of activities

9.  Rev. Patrick Mbaasa shall be assisting Sadres when ever she is not able to come for the meetings.

Closing prayer was said by Pastor Frank Tweheyo.

 Members of the committee present

Rev. Canon Jovahn Turyamureeba

Rev. Patrick Mbaasa

Mrs. Penelope Turyamureeba

Pastor Frank Tweheyo

Sadres Twinomugisha

Absent with apology

Canon Mary Dutki

Rev. Arthur Tusiime

Rev. Canon Gideon Kwizera

Mrs. Dorothy Akandwaniria