David Wanyonyi is an Empower partner in Bungoma, Kenya. He is very active in conducting Empower seminars and translated New Man, New Woman, New Life into Swahili. Here is his amazing report on a program conducted the first week of September in Uganda. Be sure to read the part in bold.

Love and greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ Son of God. We are excited of what the Lord is doing with New Man New Woman Teachings wherever we are teaching. We were surprised of the great response we got in Mityana District, Buzibazi Town. Men and women received the teachings with a new zeal. They confessed that they had been reading Genesis but they had never come across the revelation that is in your materials we taught.

They corrected what they had understood previously that man and woman were cursed.  At the end of our teachings they were refreshed that man and woman were not cursed but they only received the consequence of their disobedience.

Furthermore men discovered that God did not create women as their subordinate but God created to them an “ezer kenegdo,” a help meet for him. Not a slave, not a worker, not one who was only married to give birth, but one who was created to be face to face with his husband, who should enjoy the ideal relationship of which God created them.

At the end of the seminar men did not resist the fact that they should ask forgiveness to their wives. In Africa, a man is supreme and he cannot go down to a woman and ask for forgiveness, but by the Spirit of God many came down with tears and asked for forgiveness.

We witnessed women also confessing that when the men mishandled them, they also in return behaved badly to their husbands, and that brought their families to become not enjoyable, tough, and bad.

The place we were having the teachings, people keep cows and do farming. We saw men literally ordering their wives to leave to milk the cows. In the morning, the men were the first ones to come for the seminar and we asked why? The answer was that the women have to do all the jobs in the home, take care of the children, send them to school, milk the cows, send them to the grazing place, prepare the food, and the husband waits to eat.

By the third day of the program, however, the women came first. We wondered what had happened. I boldly asked. The women said the Lord has delivered their husbands. The men changed dramatically. We rejoiced in the Lord and celebrated that the cultural understanding was gone in Jesus mighty name.  I am getting calls from some women who attended the seminar and they are saying that everything is changing in their families. One man called me and told me that his friends who never attended the seminar were wondering what had happened to him, because he was behaving in a total different way.

Every day I get calls from there. In the next district, they want us to go there and have a seminar with them. We pray that the Lord will provide in the near future for us to go and minister to them for the glory of God.

One thing I know is that all these happened because you are praying for us. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for appreciating the work.

We greatly bless God for the revelation God gave in this book. Thank you also for allowing us to help with the ministry of teaching. I am proud to work with Empower International Ministries.

With greatest regards. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Your son,