Report on New Man, New Woman, New Life seminar conducted in Kitwe, Uganda, Sept 2012

by Frank Michael Tweheyo

Kitwe town council in Ntugamo district, S. Western Uganda is just at the intersection between three countries: Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. The people are a mixture of Banyarwanda, Bakiga and Banyankole, some of whom are Bahima cattle keepers.

Here is a vibrant Christian Fellowship Church one of the several dozen that are under the oversight of Pastor Frank Tweheyo. Several leaders, 74 in all gathered together from churches around, including a Lutheran priest!

Here, Frank and Edward, one of the Empower Kabale Chapter Master Class finalists joined with Pastor Reuben and Moses Ntagahinda, also Master Class finalists of Empower, to pilot the New Life book newly translated into Lukiga.

We missed Anna and Robert (originally scheduled to facilitate this seminar) because Anna was involved in a near fatal accident with her kids few days to this training.

We were amazed by the sharpness of this class, their engaged discussions, the quick grasp of information, the Aha! phenomenon now common with first timers to New Life material.

One of the ladies said she believes women are still cursed up to now! You should have seen her unwind that information, as it sank into her that God never cursed human beings but that what happened to them was a consequence of their disobedience!

The Lutheran Priest, whom Frank gave lift for about 30km back to near his home, said he has been to many Bible Schools but no one had ever explained as precisely as he had learned in the two days about Creation Ideal, Fall and Redemption. He felt rejuvenated to go teach the truth that had eluded him for a long time!

We also wanted to launch out more Empower facilitators, and now Edward, Moses and Reuben are more confident to carry on with little supervision. That was a great achievement.

We also checked through the book mistakes which will be rectified in the subsequent printing.

All in all, we give glory to God for the 74 leaders who were Empowered to take the message of Agape Love and Redemption, Equal Worth of Human beings, Man and Woman both created in the image of God and redeemed back to the same position they occupied before the Fall.