Below are some more photos from our July trip. Here is our impact story #2.
This is a little story but put it into its context of a much bigger story that cost nearly a million lives.
One pastor who attended the seminar in Rwanda had been separated from his wife for more that 15 years because of the genocide (no doubt they were from opposing ethnic groups in the conflict). They were finally reunited but faced a lot of discouragement from the pastor’s fellow Christians, who argued that he should not take her back as he could not trust what she had been doing during those years they were separated.
Encouraged by the seminar’s message on marriage, the pastor decided not to listen to what other people were saying. He committed himself to love his wife more and without regret.

Setting up for Kigali conference with IJM staff
Setting up for Kigali conference with IJM staff
Scripture Union, site of Rwanda seminar
Sarah Nutter, translator Antoinette, Carrie Miles

The study guide in Kinyarwanda!
Kigali seminar