Below are some photos from our July trip. Here is our impact story #1.
Pastor Frank Tweheyo sat in with the small group that was working on one of the studies on Ephesians 5 and 6, which cover what the Apostle Paul meant when he instructed the entire Christian household (not just wives, mind you) to “submit yourselves one to another out of reverence for Christ”. An important part of that study looks at Paul’s instructions for how Christians were to treat their servants.
One of the Christian leaders in this group owned a cabinet making shop. Apparently he has never or rarely paid his employees (yes, people get away with that in Africa. Work is so hard to find that people will often work as ‘volunteers’ to get experience). Convicted by Paul’s words (“You have the same Master in heaven, and He does not acknowledge status differences between you”) the man hurried home from the seminar to pay his workers.
Imagine the lives that will be changed as a result of that one simple decision. (Imagine how your life would change if your employer suddenly started paying you!) That’s the power of the Bible.

Empower Bondo team
Empower Bondo team: Frank Tweheyo, Don Hammond, Carrie Miles, Mimi Haddad, Sarah Nutter, Donell Peck (Margaret Kiswiriri and Dave Nutter not in photo)

Empower Bondo team and hosts
Bondo: Mimi Haddad, ?, Domnic Misolo, Bishop Johannes, David Nutter, Sarah Nutter, Carrie Miles, Margaret Kiswiriri, Don Hammond, Frank Tweheyo

Master class, Karen, Kenya
Sarah Nutter with master class, Karen, Kenya