From Pastor Frank Michael Tweheyo, Empower’s African Program Director, currently in Lagos, Nigeria, with his wife and co-worker, Phobice:

Yesterday we spoke in ministers’ meeting and gave overview of the book, and it was well received! God has really given us breakthrough in Nigeria. It is unprecedented to speak in two cities in about a week’s timeto pastors assembled. Talk of God’s divine appointment and favor! As a pastor I know it is not easy to get many pastors assembled in a city at a go. It takes the grace of God !

The slow start and anxiety has been overcome and we are on a good footing now.

Yesterday pastors agreed that marriage and family are at critical stage in history and need to be urgently addressed. Today in the program we had 38 including a doctor (PHD) (we had two in Benin, one a practicing medical doctor who is also a pastor) There was great excitement as we did the preliminary questions but more so when we got to Genesis 2 and 3. Surprises of ezer kenegdo vs eben as well as the nakedness and unashamedness of man and woman in Ideal marriage relationship; the Adam-Eve being together in the garden at temptation and the issue of who was cursed and who was not generated alot of Aha! phenomenon!

I can’t get tired seeing people get these things for the first time after resisting and then being convinced from the bible of these age long truths! The laughter, the joy, excitement… Pastor Leo, one of the organizers, came to where we are staying this afternoon and said.. ‘Pastor Frank, this is so deep! I can’t imagine how I have been in ministry for over 15 years and all studies I have done yet i have never seen these things. It is amazing!’

Rev. Joses Hizkiah who is co-ordinating for us told participants as we closed for the day, ‘Do you see that there is a lot hidden beyond our smiling faces yet we hide so many failures in our families and marriages in the name of culture! I have found out many things I am going to rectify, I urge you to do the same!’  Very good his wife was also present.

We are continuing tommorrow and Saturday. We believe for the best. To God be the Glory! Thanks Carrie for trusting us to bring this to Nigeria. I know God used you to release us and so thank you for obeying him. You will not regret! Frank