The Empower team (Wayne Pelly, Kristina Sachs, and Liz Guy) and I returned Thursday night from 10 days in Haiti. I am happy to say that there has been much progress since the earthquake two years ago. Our host, Betty Prophette, of Haitian Christian Mission, took us on a tour of Port-au-Prince last Saturday and was happy to point out many spots that had once been tent cities that were now cleared and returned to being parks. There is a lot of new construction and on-going construction.

Empower conducted two seminars in Fond-Parisien, a small town about 45 minutes from Port-au-Prince and about 7 miles from the border with the Dominican Republic. The seminars went really well, with all participants eager to teach the New Man, New Woman material in their congregations. Kristina Sachs will return with a team to conduct more seminars in a few months. Wayne Pelly will come in 2013 to conduct a master class. Wayne preached in Port-au-Prince at a service that began at 6:30 AM! I was fortunate to preach in the church next door to where we were staying at 9:00 AM. There were 500 people in attendance! I will post my sermon on You Tube soon.

I went on this trip to work on adapting the New Man, New Woman material to Haiti. I was surprised to find that while Haiti looks like Africa (similar building construction, obviously people of African-ancestry), culturally it is more like France than Africa. While different, there are still many challenges to the Christian family in Haiti, and we look forward to working further with the Haitian people.

We absolutely love Betty Prophette and so many of the people we worked with!

Thanks to all of you who supported this trip.