An inspiring report from Margaret Kiswiriri, Empower/Uganda President, about New Man, New Woman, New Life seminars she conducted in Uganda last month.
I had a seminar with 50 hospital staff on 22nd to 24th. Our challenge mostly was on man and woman in the beginning. The question was, what went wrong and why?

The 2nd challenge was end of unity between men and women. Things went so bad and I could see the groups feeling sorry for human race.

3rd. challenge was study 9, Paul and authority in the household. It was so amazing when men would discuss of the authority they have over women. These people were so touched. I am forming another group for November which some will help me to teach.

2nd Report.

I had a seminar of 30 people on 30th Sep to 2nd Oct 11

Our challenge was on 1, Man and woman in the beginning, and the end of unity.

When we got to the study on redemption from the curse, it was like a mission. The spiritual was thick. The seminar turned into repentance. I also don’t know how it started but people went into prayer and repentance for their homes. It was so wonderful for me because I like leading prayers of this type so we just went lesson after lesson. God blessed us.

Am also going to form another group there for Nov.   God bless you.   Margaret