Just a quick note to say we came back safely from Rwanda.

We had a great session on Saturday at Pastor innocent’s church. We had over 50
people. Some of them had been to Kigali both for the class last year and the master class with Sarah and David.

Saturday we focused on reviewing what we learned in the two times we were with them in Kigali. I got many testimonies that I will share later but they were
very exciting!

It is gratifying to know that Empower is not just affecting cities
but that the people we train actually take the message to the countryside and
actually apply it!

Some men who were acting very African have changed their life style. One man, Celeste, who thought his wife was second class, has changed drastically and now regards his wife a a gift from God and treats her with respect.
We had to make the Pastor’s wife sit on pulpit as she was seated in the middle
of the congregation. Phobice went and picked her when I asked her to come and
join her husband on pulpit…and every one cheered and clapped! It was fun!

We appreciate Jackline, who came from Kigali to translate for us as Francis became so busy and could not make it however hard he tried. Jackline was translating for Sarah and David in July and was a great fun to work with.

Ruhengeri is about 2 hours from Kigali towards the Volcanic mountains that border Uganda and Congo then off about 30 km inside above a beautiful lake that resembles Bunyonyi. The church is on a hill above the lake…just as it could be built on Accadia above lake Bunyonyi. The car did just fine, through Kosoro via around the spectacular volcanic Muhabura mountains that have mountain gorillas to Ruhengeri town then to Ryandinzi village where we had great Empower time!

More to come.


(the photo of the cranes in the top banner was taken in Frank and Phobice’s front yard)